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Connecting communities through the experience of past and today.

Qissa –

Branding, VR/AR & Exhibition


Qissa, an immersive VR installation prompts participants to ask: Have our tech-infused lives caused us to forget the roots, culture and heritage? What would happen if we connected with the past times and external stimuli within a community space?

The Ask.

Qissa; meaning epic story, connects people of various backgrounds. It facilitates a place for Panjabi parents who want their kids to learn about their culture. It’s a great way for first, second-generation Panjabi Canadians who are trying to connect with their culture. Also, it’s an open space for Canadians of different backgrounds who want to understand and connect with the Panjabi culture.

The Action.

With growing ignorance and racism, Qissa being a VR experience facilitates a place where the user gets to engage various cultural elements like food, history, languages, religious practices and more. Qissa is the place to connect and experience the land of five rivers

The Result.

The biggest population of Panjabis outside India is in Canada. More than 100,000 residents of Surrey BC speak Panjabi (Census Canada 2016). Panjabi settlers are present throughout Canada. Qissa reflects on the Panjabi settlers’ history in the Canadian diaspora. Qissa provides a welcoming space for Canadian-Panjabi’s to not only connect but cultivate a strong cultural bond. 

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